Installation and Maintenance Instructions



install11) Parts included in the enclosed list should be in the transport pack.

2) TRAXLETM [1] should be oriented in north-south direction (tolerance +5o). There have to be no shadows (trees, other tracks etc.) on the installation area since 6 a.m. till 6 p.m.

3) TRAXLETM [1] should be mounted to the stand [3].
Note: a) The stand [3] is not part of standard delivery. b) Different types of stands can be used (e.g. pole stand).

4) Slope of the TRAXLETM [1] should be preferably adjusted to local latitude. (Slope of the horizontal tracker should be 2-5°).

5) Rack [4] should be mounted on the TRAXLETM [1]. The pinhead A on the top rack profile have to fit into to the hole A drilled in the TRAXLETM [1]. Transverse “L” profiles [7] should be fixed to the rack [4]. (TRAXLETM longer than 3,5m)

6) Collectors [6] should be mounted on the rack [4]. Solar collectors have to be very well balanced (see details in the User Manual and Fig. “BALANCE”). Solar collectors have to be very well balanced also during assembly. One panel is the only acceptable diffrence between both sides of the rack during assembly.

7) Auxiliary solar panel [2] should be fixed to the TRAXLETM [1]. The pinhead B on the auxiliary solar panel [2] have to fit into to the hole B drilled in the TRAXLETM [1]. Connector have to be plug in. It is strictly prohibited to attach any instruments to the connector.

8) Output cable [8] have to be fixed to the TRAXLETM not to the rack. Flexible loop have to be on the output axle.

9) The photo/video (not infrared) 300W halogen lamp have to be used to move the complete system to East and West limits. The distance between the lamp and the auxiliary solar panel [2] have to be at least 300mm (to avoid heating). The tracking angle have to be more than 90°.

DESCRIPTION OF EQUIPMENT – The mechanism is composed of one driving unit TraXle [1], which is equipped with the primary solar collector [2] with the twin function of powering the D.C. motor and following the motion of the sun. The primary collector powers the motor, which is located in the driving unit. Both sides of the axle are sealed to prevent the incursion of dust or dampness. This guaranties overall long life and maintenance free operation in the worst of the conditions. The solar panels are placed in a rack [4], which is in turn mounted to the drive axle by U-bolts [5].

OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE – Thanks to the unique construction of the unit it is unnecessary for any complex maintenance during regular operation. Because of the turning nature of the equipment routine cleaning of the solar panels is unnecessary as is the case with stationary panels. Only in very few harsh climates will any more maintenance or cleaning be necessary for the panels or the operating system. It is although advised to periodically check the U-bolts holding the rack [4] and the anchoring points to make sure they are not loose. Especially fasteners holding the output axle have to be very well tightened.

BACKLASH – The TRAXLE is usually oscillating within backlash range + 10° at windy conditions (no load backlash + 2° BOL). It is standard operation mode of the tracker. The backlash together with innovative self-locking transmission enables the tracker to work even at very strong winds where other trackers does not work at all. Afternoon the oscillating rack is touching the stand protected by plastic stopper. Later the rack is locked to the stand (night oscillations are substantially limited).

FAILURES OF THE FUNCTION – If the equipment will stop functioning it is possible there is a mechanical block or an imbalance. Then is important to check the connection or angle of the directional panel with the driving unit and repair the fault. If there is any damage to the driving panel it must be replaced as per the instruction by the supplier. In case of defect in the primary shaft consult the manufacturer. In any case do not try to solve the defect or fault of the primary shaft by yourselves.


TraXle (1) Sea water resistant Alu. alloy
Output shaft Standard Stainless steel (AISI 304)
Rack (4) Sea water resistant Alu. alloy
Fasteners Standard AISI 304

SAFETY IN MIND – It is necessary to fence the Tracker area to keep out unwelcome persons such as children or animals in order to keep them from harm. The fence will also reduce the effect of wind buffeting. The anchoring must be able to withstand the most severe local wind conditions. More than 0.1m3 of concrete per square meter of the PV array area have to be used. Safety coefficient >2!

All installations must be done with the approval of local municipal bylaws!
All responsibility for damage or injury to persons or property resulting from not adhering to local bylaws is the responsibility of the purchaser/ installer.
It is suggested to place well seen warning signs stating the nature of the equipment.

BALANCE – The unit must be well balanced in order to work properly. An improper balance will result in a decrease in performance and reliability (WARRANTY). On the vertical axis X the centre of gravity of the rack has to be on the axis of the Traxle or slightly 1-5 mm below the axis. The thickness of the distance washers is dependent on the type of panel. Fig.1 shows how distance washers influence the balance of the complete system. Distance washers are included in all TraXle sets and it have to be always used as indicated in the installation instructions. At the same time, the panels must be equidistant from the Y to maintain neutral balance. Hence, the panels must be of the same type and weight on both sides of the TraXle. It is prohibited to attach instruments to the rack which could cause imbalance of the system. Pre drilled holes on the rack may be requested by ordering to accommodate the collectors being used.


Fig.1 Influence of distance washers on balance of tilted PV array


Poulek Solar’s liability is limited to defects, which appear within a period of one (1) year from the commissioning. Poulek Solar shall remedy any defect in the equipment resulting from faulty materials and/or workmanship, when such equipment is installed and used under normal conditions. Any labour charges for troubleshooting, removal or replacement of the equipment are not covered by this warranty. The part in question must be returned, freight prepaid and accompanied by a copy of the original invoice, to the Poulek Solar Co. Ltd. within the warranty period. The component must be in its originally form without alterations or modifications which will render the warranty null and void. Poulek Solar has no responsibility for defects in the equipment to the extent caused by:

* Damage due to improper installation (especially imbalance)
* Misuse, abuse or improper storage or maintenance.
* Product impaired by severe conditions, such as excessive wind, ice, storms, or other natural occurrences.
* Trackers with more than the intended number and type of modules mounted on it.
* Damage due to improper packaging on return shipment.
* Damage due to chemical influence.

Type of Apparatus



Technical specification

Weight of the tracker Max. 8 kg/m2
Standard size 1-15m2 (0.1-2 kW)
Length of the TRAXLETM 2-7 m
Weight of collectors Max. 20 kg/m2
Tracking accuracy +10°  (AM 1.5)
No load backlash (BOL) +2o
Tracking angle Max.120o
Max. static torque 500-1.500 N.m
Area related torque 2 N.m/m2  (AM 1.5)
Max. windspeed 140 km/h
Backtracking time 7 min.
Temperature range -30+80oC
Water & dust protection IP67

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The transport pack of the basic system accomodating N pcs of PV modules should contain:

1 pc TRAXLE [1], 100mm dia.
1 pc Reference module [2]
N/2+1 pcs rack [4] “U” aluminum profiles
N/2+1 pcs M6 U-bolts [5] -100mm dia. (to fix the rack to the TRAXLE)
4N pcs distance tubes 12mm dia. The tube is inserted between the rack and the PV panel (see instal. instructions)
4N pcs of M6x40 (DIN 933) screws, nuts and washers (just to screw together the rack and the PV panels)
2 pcs transverse “L” aluminum profiles [7] (which will accomodatr PV modules-see instal. instructions). Only by TRAXLE longer than 3,5m.
N+2 pcs of M6x16 (DIN 933) screws, nuts and washers (just to screw together the rack and the transverse “L” al. profiles). Only by TRAXLE longer than 3,5m.

There are additional parts included in the complete system:

2 pcs M6 U-bolts-23mm dia. (to fix the 70mm dia. output tube to “legs”)
4 pcs M6 flange nuts (DIN 6923) and washers (to fix the output tube to “legs”)
3 pcs Anchors (to fix the tripod to concrete foundations)
2 pcs Supporting (stand) legs [3] “U” aluminum profiles (The output axle of the TRAXLE is fixed to the stand)
3 pcs Anchoring “U“ profiles with M8 screws, washers and nuts (interface between tripod and anchors)